I’m Regina, and I couldn’t count how many I’ve had blogs before this. I just want to start writing again. I want to write of things that I want to remember forever, not those that I want to forget. I think that’s probably the problem with the other blogs — I filled it with things that I’d rather purge than keep.

I will often mention Patrich in my 52 Churches posts (see below for an explanation), so I think it’s fitting that he has an introduction as well. I could only say that he’s one of the people who can stand me well enough to visit a different church every week, no matter how far it is.

The Second of May is my birthday. It’s a self-centered little name for a blog, but after all, it is mine. The second of May, quite literally, is when everything started for me. And every second of May is a reminder of that start. Hopefully, this would be the blog that will outlast all its predecessors.


I’m quite opinionated when it comes to things, and I guess this section is about those things that make me think twice, which I hope is quite a lot. I’d like to think that I think a lot.

52 Churches

I once wrote in a now defunct blog that I wanted to try going to a different church for Mass for every Sunday for a whole year. One year. Fifty-two weeks. Fifty-two churches. It’s because I love the Mass, and I always think of ways to celebrate it in new ways. It might also be because I am (secretly?) looking for the perfect place to get married in the distant future.

I mostly write the posts, and Patrich takes pictures.

Spontaneous Fun (2)

Mostly my kind of fun (and my friends’ kind of fun too), often about places I’ve gone to with friends or things that I’ve done with them. They’re a lovely bunch, really. It’s mostly due to them that my life’s this interesting. A lot of these are about activities that sprung from random ideas, mostly unplanned. However, now and then, I’ll be posting about fun things that we’ve planned thoroughly, thus the parenthetical spontaneous.

The Hunt

For the record, I still actually don’t know what I want in life, although I’ve got a pretty vague idea as to how to find out. It’s no secret among my friends that I’ve been trying to escape routine and giving in to what others want for me. So, here’s to looking for what I want and fighting for it.


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