School, School, and More School

Hello, Friends,

School happened. No, I’m not making excuses, but still, school happened.

One of my goals for this year was to look for another source of income. Midway through the year, I got it. (Yes, lucky!) These days, I’m working as a lecturer at a university. And it has been a real time-killer. In a totally good way. I haven’t been so productive in my whole life (which is kind of sad, now that I think of how much time I wasted when I was younger). I’ve been spending my weekends preparing for lectures, hanging out with my family, my friends, and my now fiance (Yay!) Patrich.

Yup. That’s why I haven’t posted since the end of May, and it’s no excuse. When this year started, I was totally committed to keeping this blog alive and kicking. I am still fully committed to writing and posting about the Churches (UPDATE: We’re at number 51 this coming Sunday! What was the last one I posted, 20?), and to prove that, I’ll post once a week until I complete posting about the remaining Churches.

I also noticed that there are more people following the blog! Thank you everyone! I’ll try to keep the posts coming.

With love,



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