Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish, West Triangle

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I found out about the Church through the internet. We were both searching for churches to go to, which weren’t too far from (my) home. The church’s name — Hearts of Jesus and Mary (or Twin Hearts) — turned up. We did a Google search, and we decided that we wanted to go there. It looked beautiful in the pictures.

We generally knew where to find the Church, but we initially didn’t see it. It turns out we had to enter a village to get to the church. We got there after a bit of asking around. We went to the Church early to check the mass times, and it turns out masses weren’t going to start until two hours after. As always, we used the time to take some pictures.

The facade of the church was being fixed, so we weren’t able to take proper pictures, but it’s a beautiful church. The outer facade was made entirely of stone blocks, accented by arches of geometric stained glass. The church wasn’t that large, but it was spacious and airy. On either side, instead of solid walls, were gates which allowed the air to breathe into the church easily. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and each bench was carved with the image of the Twin Hearts. The altar was similar to St. Peter Parish, in that it was also covered by a four-pillar structure.

That Sunday was Palm Sunday, so we bought palms outside the church. Since there was still a lot of time, we decided to take a short trip to the mall for a few things that I needed to buy.



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