Minor Basilica of San Sebastian, Quiapo

The Minor Basilica of San Sebastian! The church’s name is actually quite longer — Our Lady of Mount Carmel Minor Basilica of San Sebastian — but I only knew it as San Sebastian.

I’ve heard quite a bit about it before actually visiting it. All I knew was it was a really big important church. I knew it’s historical, but other than that, I knew nothing. The first time I saw it, I was commuting to SM Manila with my friends from the Far Eastern University. I don’t remember what we rode, but we stopped at San Sebastian before riding another jeepney to the mall. When I first saw it, I remember thinking that I’ll visit it again.

The church’s interior was a bit dark, but it actually served to highlight the detail of the beautiful stained glass windows. I’ve never seen stained glass that detailed before. (Sorry, I wasn’t able to take any pictures.) The dimmed lights also made the mass feel more solemn.

I definitely fail to give justice to this church. I don’t know why I have so few pictures (and even fewer good pictures). I’ll probably have to go back to take in more of the detail. The church is a  national treasure, after all.

image image(1) image(2)


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