Sta. Maria Della Strada Parish, Katipunan

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I’ve never actually been to this church! Since we started, we’ve been going to churches, which I’ve visited at least once in my life. This is the first time, aside from St. John’s in Cambodia, that I’ve visited a new church in a while. I’ve heard of this particular Catholic superstition that if you visit a church for the first time, you can wish for anything. (Just so you know, Catholics don’t really take this as truth or anything. I don’t think Catholics really go around visiting new churches to make wishes, but it doesn’t hurt to ask God for a favor.) I didn’t wish for anything, because my curiosity got to me first. We went about to look around the church right away.

When we entered Katipunan and Patrich pointed out the Church, I told him, “this our third circular church in a row.” When we got there, however, it wasn’t really circular. (Not that this matters! Haha.) Sta. Maria Della Strada’s church grounds are quite large. There’s a building on the left side and a memorial sanctuary for the departed on the right side of the church.

Walking around the church edifice, we found an area for lighting candles, the baptistry, and the religious store built into the outer walls. Inside the church,  I noticed the lanterns hanging from the center of the church instantly (after the altar, of course). The place was simple. To the right side of the church, the choir was seated.

They were also really organized during Communion. (Usually, people just line up with no particular order.) There were volunteers, who guided the mass attendants to line up for Communion line-by-line. It kind of reminds me of how Communion is taken in Korea.


The Church’s official website:

A page dedicated to the Church in the Diocese of Cubao’s website:

For mass schedules:


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