St. Pancratius Chapel, Paco

For our fourth church, we went to Paco Park, where the St. Pancratius Chapel stands. The first time I went to Paco Park, I was with my college classmates. We were on a field trip with a strict itinerary, so we weren’t able to go around much to explore. We stayed outside the inner walls of the park, and I was only able to steal a glance at the church. I didn’t even remember how it looked until I visited it again this past weekend.

I knew the Church grounds were beautiful, but it was even better than how I last remembered it (which is actually a blur to me right now).

Anyway, on to the pictures of the Church:

IMG_2499 IMG_2498 IMG_2503

The chapel is small, with a short aisle leading to the altar, above which is a statue of the child Jesus. Like the previous church we visited (the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice at UP), it had a simple domed roof. There were two pews, and the choir was seated behind everyone.

Inset along the walls were stained glass windows, and on the wide windowsills stood statues. Ornate lamps accented the plain white walls. The church truly was simple inside. I loved how the choir didn’t need microphones or amplifiers to fill the chapel with their voices. Even as their voices weren’t amplified by such equipment, you could feel yourself being engulfed by their music.

After mass, we spent the rest of the morning in the surrounding park. There are markers for the places where Rizal, the GomBurZa, and the innocents were buried (we didn’t find this, but I really, really remember this from my college field trip!).

It was a two-in-one trip. It was nice going to mass there, and it was also nice to sight see.


The wikipedia entry on the Paco Park:

For mass schedules:


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