Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, UP Diliman

It’s actually refreshing to be going to mass in different places every week. Maybe, that’s just me, though.

Patrich studied in UP, but he says he never visited the Church much during his college days, so it was (quite) a new experience for both of us. I’ve been there last year during the Holy Week — it was one of the churches that our family visited for Visita Iglesia. Other than that, I don’t recall ever being there.

We went to the Church for mass two weeks ago, but we weren’t able to get good pictures. We visited a second time yesterday just for that. Here are the ones that I took:

IMG_2516 IMG_2517 IMG_2518 IMG_2519 IMG_2520 IMG_2521

(I don’t really know where the Church is in UP. If you ask me how to get there, I couldn’t help you. Hello, Sense of Direction. I’m still waiting to finally meet you.)

The Church of the Holy Sacrifice is circular, featuring a large cross hanging from the center of the domed roof. The cross bears two images of Jesus — one, a replica of His death in Calvary; the other, in the image of His priestly form. Under the cross is a circular pedestal where the altar stands. The seats are arranged around this pedestal, facing the altar. On the inner walls are large murals of the Stations of the Cross. When my family went there for Holy Week, walking alongside the murals really helped to remember His sacrifice from the moment Jesus was condemned to death to His final rest in His tomb.

(Initially, I thought of counting how many entrances there are, but I gave up, because I was too lazy to count. And the Church was circular, I actually couldn’t keep count. Go, laugh at me.)

The Church sits at the center of a garden with walkways leading to the Church entrances. The garden features sculptures. I didn’t recognize many of them, except the one of the Gomburza priests.

After mass, we went around UP by car, and just talked about how the place was during Patrich’s college years.


The Church’s official website:

For mass schedules:


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