St. Peter Parish: Shrine of Leaders

I’ve just started this project with Patrich, which involves visiting a different (Catholic) church every Sunday of 2013. It’s one of the joint activities that we’ve planned for the year that I’m looking forward to the most. I love the Mass, and I think he does too, so this will be just perfect. (Other people find it weird, but going to Mass is actually our thing.)

For our first church, we went to St. Peter Parish: Shrine of Leaders along Commonwealth Avenue. It’s the only visible church along the stretch of Commonwealth and is probably the easiest to go to if you live in the area. (Alternatively, I know a Church near Commonwealth in the Mapayapa I village, but that’s possibly for another post.)


It’s a mid-sized Church, probably a bit small for the size of its congregation. So many people! Patrich was there early. He arrived near the end of the 8am mass, waited through the 9am mass, and attended the 10am mass with me. It was more than full on all three mass times. It’s actually nice to see so many people attending the Mass at a single time.

The Church has two floors with seating. The staircase near the main entrance leads to the second floor — there are balconies on either side. There is a higher floor above these floors (there is a spiral staircase on the second floor balconies leading to it), but I didn’t notice anyone sitting there. If you sit along the very front end of the balconies, on the opposite wall, you’ll see the lineage of Popes, traced back to St. Peter, the very first Pope. The list starts on the left side of the Church and continues on the right side.

There was a four-pillar structure down the front, under which is the altar.


The mass songs are accompanied by an organ. I kept looking for it, but I couldn’t find it. (I was paying attention during Mass, I promise!)

Within the Church premises, there’s a religious store on the left side, a columbary, and parking spaces, which are easily filled up.


Mass Schedules:

Another blog article about the Church:


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